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Bedtalks Episode 93: Unveiling Love’s Global Odyssey with Taber Shadburne – 30 Years of Wisdom in 30 Countries 💑 💖

What Can teaching healthy relationship habits in 30 Countries over 30 years teach us? A LOT!

Join us in this illuminating episode of Bedtalks as we sit down with the extraordinary ⁠Taber Shadburne⁠, a seasoned Relationship Guru with a wealth of experience counseling couples across 30 countries for three decades. Taber’s insights redefine relationships, offering a roadmap to happier, more fulfilling connections.

In this captivating episode, Taber delves into:

  1. Mastering the Art of Love: Discover the nuances of love and why it’s not always as instinctive as we might believe.
  2. Navigating Inner Wounds and Defensive Patterns: Uncover how addressing personal wounds and defensive behaviors can pave the way for healthier, happier, and more satisfying relationships.
  3. Confronting the Impact of Self-Deception: Explore the ways self-deception can subtly influence and impact the dynamics of a relationship.
  4. Learning a New Language in Relationships: Taber guides us on embracing and understanding the language of love within our relationships.
  5. Untangling Interlocking Obligations: Understand the network of interlocking obligations that can subtly infiltrate long-term relationships and learn how to navigate them.

Ready to embark on a transformative journey with Taber? Connect with him and explore the insightful workshops he facilitates to help individuals navigate the intricate terrain of their relationships ⁠here⁠.

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