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ENO on WVON with “Chat Daddy” Sims – What Celebrities Have in Common with Your Relationship?

Celebrities are human just like you and me. They struggle with the same things that we do in our relationships with our significant others. But, we can learn from their misgivings too. Infidelity, to marry or not to marry, and determining what constitutes the right decision to part ways are challenges any one of us can face in our relationships.

Listen in as Art ‘Chatdaddy’ Sims, Heidi B, Uncle Mel and I chat on his Real Talk, Real People show on WVON about what we can learn from how Cardi B has handled infidelity in her marriage, how Justin Timberlake may have crossed the line, why Oprah found marriage wasn’t for her and Steadman, and what we can learn from Common and Angela Rye’s decision to part ways when there was a dealbreaker at state for both of them.

We discuss these and relate them back to the challenges of dating, finding love, and being in a relationship with someone you love and care about.

Listen in and let me know what you think.

Until next time, XoXo.


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