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Warning Signs That You May be in a Toxic Relationship (Part 2) on @RTRLRadio


How do we protect ourselves against toxic relationships?

What are the warning signs of a toxic relationship?

How do we know when to leave a toxic relationship?

Toxic relationships are sneaky. When we first fall in love, it’s easy to idealize our partner and ignore the red flags. We discussed some of these tell-tale signs in Part I of this series. Today we delve further into toxic relationships.

How do we know if we’re in a toxic relationship? Be aware of your and your partners behavior and look out for these patterns:

  1. You spend more time being unhappy than happy
  2. You find yourself turning to everyone else to validate your relationship
  3. You don’t feel comfortable confiding in your partner
  4. Your partner is controlling, possessive, and doesn’t allow you see friends and family
  5. Your partner clearly defines his/her needs and boundaries, yet has no respect for yours

A healthy relationship won’t always be roses and candles, but it will flow. If a person cares about you, they will compromise. You will begin to think collectively as a couple, not as individuals.

The best way to protect yourself from toxic relationships is to have a strong sense of self and a deep spiritual faith. When you’re unsure if a situation is right for you, stop seeking answers and just pray. Then have the faith to take the action that’s best for you.

These are just some of the points we explore in this episode. Have a listen and subscribe to get the rest of this series on toxic relationships.


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