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Warning Signs That You May be in a Toxic Relationship (Part 1) on @RTRLRadio


How do we fall into toxic relationships?

What are the tell-tale signs of a toxic relationship?

How do we stop the toxic cycle?

No one purposely seeks out a toxic partner. Often, we’re mysteriously drawn to them. Things are exciting and passionate in the beginning, but little by little we sense something is off. Often, we blame ourselves. If we could just do everything right for our partner, the relationship would be okay. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case.

The first thing to look at is yourself. What you attract correlates with where you are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Are you confident and comfortable with yourself? Do you have a strong sense of your values? It’s important to get yourself right first.

What’s worse is that we often choose to ignore the red flags of an unhealthy relationship until it’s already done damage.

Some of the most common issues that signal a toxic relationship are:

1. The relationship is one-sided – You find yourself giving 100% in the relationship

2. There are trust issues – if you find it hard to trust your partner, there may be a reason why

3. Something feels off – your intuition is more powerful than you think.

4. They bring out the worst in you – do you suddenly find yourself acting out of character?

5. You have to play yourself smaller – Your partner is threatened by your independence, or they want all the attention.

These are just some of the points we explore in this episode. Have a listen and subscribe to get the rest of this series on toxic relationships.



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