Fighting for our Marriage – Part 2 of My Counseling Session with Justin and Ami McClure

Relationships can be tough.

If you think of the word relationship, it infers two people being inside of something relational and in a ship, metaphorically speaking. And if you relate your relationship to a ship, each person has different roles to play to make sure the ship stays afloat. One person may handle the navigation. One person may ensure that the boat is running appropriately and there aren’t any mechanical issues that could impact the ship’s ability to function. Additionally, there are many other ancillary roles at play as well to keep the ship running smoothly which are shared duties between those running the ship.

When troubled waters come, it may feel easier to want to simply give up. But, if you want to keep your relationship on par, there are things you have to do, similar to being on the ship to get your relationship through the troubled waters and back to the smooth ones.

It doesn’t mean you won’t hit some choppy waters, but the more you learn how to navigate them, the stronger your relationship becomes and the better your chances are of moving through those choppy waters.

I’m back with part 2 of my discussion with the McClure Family. I along with Justin and Ami are discussing how to speak your partner’s language so you communicate better. These simple steps we discuss can make the difference between you and your partner having communication that builds your relationship versus diminishing it.

Tune in here and let me know what you think.

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