Is Our Marriage Broken?

Whether you are single or married, you may have contemplated this question when you hit that roadblock in your relationship with someone that you love or care about deeply. “Each relationship can reach a breaking point which can lead to a breakup or a breakthrough.

I’m sitting down with the McClure’s, a pretty popular couple on social media to discuss just this topic in part 1 of this interview. One of the healthiest things you can do to sustain a healthy relationship with your partner is to have self-awareness around your relationship challenges.

Problems not discussed or brought to the forefront of a relationship have a way of reappearing, and rearing their heads no matter how much you may try to ignore them. It’s often when your issues are left unaddressed, that room is left for things to spiral out of control. It doesn’t mean you will have a resolution to every problem you have. However, focusing on the major ones offers you and your partner opportunities for growth.

Listen in here on part one of our discussion with Ami and Justin McClure. You may find similar patterns in your relationship too.

Tune in to listen to our discussion.

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