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Science Says Your Thoughts Really Matter

Negative Thoughts are Contagious

Most people understand how both positive thoughts and negative thoughts can have an impact on one’s mindset, perspective, experience, and health. Now the science is there to explain why. As it turns out, our thoughts really do matter. In fact, the old adage “change your mindset, change your life” holds true.

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How Do You Make Yourself Happy?

Why You Want Happiness 

Happiness is something each of us wants and desires, but sometimes it eludes us. Being happy is one of the best feelings you can have and an emotional state that is often euphoric. Where does happiness come from? Can you truly be happy? Are there things you are doing to sabotoge your happiness?

Let’s explore this topic further.

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Life’s Got You Down – Here Is How You Can Reset!


Life is Crazy Picture

Life is a crazy thing and very inconsistent. It can be lovely, devastating, and uncharacteristic for the most part. You start off your life with good intentions. You don’t see divorce, death, illness and setbacks as part of your lives. We are eternally optimistic. In fact, we feel we will overcome much of the strife that we actually will in fact face. But, the reality is that we are likely to experience one or more of these events as we go though our lives.

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