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As we get into the political season yet again, the pundits take aim at single parents, blaming us for increased crime, drug abuse, incarceration, poor parenting, poverty, and pretty much everything else under the sun.

As a single parent who raised a good, successful child, I get incensed just listening to the rhetoric. I am tired of the blame shifted to single moms for all of these ills. After all, it takes two to consummate a relationship and have a child.

If there are single moms, there are single dads too. So why isn’t the turmoil seen as a joint responsibility instead of all the blame being focused on one parent? Why don’t the pundits ever acknowledge the fact that single parents have certain advantages that two parent homes don’t? Why aren’t we helping those single parents struggling to raise their kids by providing them with what they need for raising a successful child?

In order to open up a dialogue about the topic, I want to dispel the myths.

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Should You Stay Married for the Sake of the Kids?

Healthy Couples to Model

Relationships tend to be great in the beginning. Getting along is usually a lot easier when you first get together with someone. After all, there are less dynamics to deal with when you only have two people in a relationship. However, as relationships mature, more responsibilities are added and a couple becomes a family. This expands the number of challenges you have to face, changing the dynamics of the relationship.

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