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7 Ways to Get Over a Break-Up

Being heartbroken is one of the craziest feelings you can experience. It rocks your world. One moment you feel like you will be ok. And …

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If you want love ladies, here’s what NOT to do… Originally published on Jet Magazine. OK, ladies, it’s your turn. Recently we wrote an article …

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Stop Validating Your Feelings for the Wrong One

Why Validate for Someone who Invalidates You

It’s hard when you are in love and you are constantly trying to validate your feelings for someone who won’t be definitive or specific with you about their feelings for you.

When this happens, you question yourself and your worth because when you are in a relationship like this where the emotions and energy are one-sided, it is a constant roller coaster of ups and downs.

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Falling in Love…With Yourself

It took me a long time to understand my worth and figure out my value. This was because I would look to others to validate my worth. What a mistake!

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How Do You Make Yourself Happy?

Why You Want Happiness 

Happiness is something each of us wants and desires, but sometimes it eludes us. Being happy is one of the best feelings you can have and an emotional state that is often euphoric. Where does happiness come from? Can you truly be happy? Are there things you are doing to sabotoge your happiness?

Let’s explore this topic further.

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3 Ways To Attract Who You Want

Your Most Important Relationship James Sama, a Dating Expert, recently posted this quote on his Facebook page: “Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for …

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You Are Perfect The Way You Are

What makes you unique is that each of you has something that is especially and specifically unique to you. Value that. Maybe you are a …

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3 Reasons Why Self-Love Is Important

As a relationship coach, people often ask me why they are having a difficult time attracting the right people into their lives. They lament the …

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